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ConvertKit Reveals the 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report

Michael Brannon
6 min readAug 11


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The landscape of content creation is rapidly evolving, with more and more individuals turning their creative passions into lucrative endeavors. But what does the future hold for creators? Will their artistic endeavors translate into sustainable livelihoods? And will their creations continue to be a source of profound fulfillment and happiness?

The answers lie in ConvertKit’s 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report.

ConvertKit’s 2023 State of the Creator Economy Report — The creator economy is optimistic and ambitious — almost 80% of creators expect to make more from their business this year than last year.

Creator Optimism

The light at the end of the tunnel

Technology enables an entirely new reach and opportunity. In the same way, the Cad6 program enhanced the manufacturing, architecture, and aviation industries, as well as other industries. Thanks to technology, creators now have access to many opportunities to showcase their skills and talents. This is an exciting and promising time for creators.

Imagine creating a podcast as a solo-preneur. With the help of valuable tools like Rodecaster Pro II, iPad Pro, Descript, and Sociamonials, you can now easily create, edit, and publish your podcast from anywhere with internet access. You can even interview people from anywhere! What’s more, you can earn a steady income by including sponsorships. Multiple technologies have elevated the creator community — the opportunities are limited only by your imagination.

Creativity has always been a driving force in society, and the Creator Economy is the perfect testament to that. ConvertKit’s report reveals that creators are more optimistic about 2023 and beyond. But why?

One critical insight from the report is the growing monetization options that creators are now exploring. With the rise of platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, creators have various avenues to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience. This newfound…



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